The Adoption Process

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The adoption process is not as difficult as you may think, but it involves lots and lots of paperwork, and patience, too! The following is a short list of the initial steps:

  1. 1.Create an account on My Adoption Portal which will allow you to complete and submit documents online.

  2. 2.Fill out and submit the online application and submit application fee ($500) This allows you to give us information necessary for us to determine what type of placement would work best for you.

  3. 3.Attend the Adoption Seminar provided by A Chosen Child, Inc. This detailed seminar designed for families new to the adoption process will qualify as “adoption education” for your home study and will give you an opportunity to meet our staff and have all your questions answered by our Attorney and Executive Director, Christine Arendas, Esq.

  4. 4.You will shortly thereafter receive agreements and other documents in the mail that will have to be signed and sent back to us.

  5. 5.Once the documents have been returned, you will receive information to begin your home study if you do not already have a current Home Study from another agency or licensed professional. The Home Study is the process for qualifying adoptive parents in accordance with the laws of the state in which you reside and we can answer your questions and help you through this process.

  6. 6.Begin your Profile/Birth Parent Letter. The Profile/Birth Parent letter is your personal family biography that will be shown to perspective Birth Parents as they begin their selection process. It will contain photographs and your letter of introduction to a Birth Family. We can provide you with samples and assistance with this. Along with creating a custom profile for use in the office, we have partnered with to develop online profiles for those families who want to maximize their opportunities to make contact with potential Birth Parents.

  7. 7.After we have an approved Home Study report we will begin to show your profile to prospective birth parents interested in personally selecting a family for their baby.

  8. 8.From this point forward your matched situation becomes unique and specific to you, but we will be here to assist you with every need you would have as we move towards the expansion of your family.

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