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Do I get to choose the family for my baby?

Under most circumstances you will be given the profiles of several families to review in order to select just the right family for your baby.  Depending on the particular needs of your baby and/or your specific expectations this may result in a limited number of appropriate families for your situation.

How will I know that the family I select will be good for my baby?

Adoptive parents are subjected to a rigorous screening process which includes criminal background checks and child abuse history checks. They are extensively interviewed and evaluated by the qualified professional Social Workers associated with A Chosen Child, Inc. to insure that they meet the high standards that you would expect for a home for your baby. Great care goes into making sure that the family you are matched with will meet your personal expectations as well as the agency’s standards.

Will I get to meet the family?

Under most circumstances at least one meeting can be arranged between you and the family you have selected.  Depending on where the family lives, it may be possible for you to meet the family more than once.

What information will the adoptive parents be given about me?

You will be asked to participate in an interview with the Social Worker which will provide the adoptive parents with information you want them to have about you, your pregnancy and your family history. In addition, the adoptive parents will receive copies of your pre-natal and delivery records from your doctor and hospital. These records will be redacted to remove your identifying information in order to protect your privacy.

What information will I receive about the adoptive parents?
You will typically be provided with accurate non-identifying information about the adoptive family you select including information such as education, occupation, length of marriage, state of residence, number of other children whether biological or adopted, religious preference, etc. Under most circumstances, you will receive a copy of the adoptive family’s picture profile prepared for the agency.

What information do you need about the biological father and what if I don’t know who he is?

Florida law requires the agency to search for, and attempt to obtain the consent, of any known and locatable biological father.  If you do not know the identity of the biological father then his parental rights will be terminated without notice unless he comes forward to assert his interest by signing up with the Florida Putative Father Registry, a registry that notifies adoption agencies and attorneys if a biological father is seeking to legally establish his interest.  The best course of action is to involve the biological father in the adoption decision to insure that he is comfortable with that option.

Will someone at the agency be able to provide me with emotional support during my pregnancy and after the birth of my baby?

While working with A Chosen Child, Inc. you will have a compassionate, supportive and non-judgmental Coordinator to work one on one with you from the time you begin working with the agency.  Your Coordinator will be easily accessible to you, and will provide you with the level of support that is most comfortable for you.  In addition you may have counseling sessions with the agency’s Social Worker at or around the time of placement to help you with any adoption related grief issues.

Will I have a Coordinator specifically assigned to work with me?

Yes, A Chosen Child Inc., has a full time Birth Parent Coordinator who will work exclusively with you.  Additionally, the agency’s Social Worker is available to you to address any emotional needs that you may have during the adoption process.  Our Coordinators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When will I sign consent papers and how long do I have to change my mind?

Adoption consents for a newborn baby will ordinarily be executed 48 hours after the birth of your baby, or before you discharge from the hospital whichever occurs first.  There is no time period after you sign consents to change your mind for the adoption of a newborn baby.  If you are executing consents for a baby or child over the age of six months, you will have three days to change your mind after the consents are executed.

Will I need to pay anything in order to make an adoption plan for my baby?

No.  All adoption expenses are paid for by the adoptive parents and you will not be asked to pay for these any of these expenses.

Will the family be able to help me with living and medical expenses?

Florida law permits the adoptive family to assist you with certain types of living expenses and pregnancy related medical expenses that you cannot pay due to unemployment, underemployment and/or disability.  How much assistance the family will be able to provide to you however, will depend partly upon your needs and partly upon the family’s ability to afford to provide assistance. A Chosen Child, Inc. will assist you with completing an application for Medicaid to provide coverage for medical expenses, if you qualify.

Will my baby have to go into foster care?

In ordinary circumstances the baby will go to his or her forever home directly from the hospital, however sometimes babies or young children will spend a short period of time at one of A Chosen Child, Inc.’s cradle care homes until a qualified family can be located.  This  would most likely occur if there has been a limited amount of time to prepare for the placement and selection of the family, and will rarely be for longer than a few days.

Will I be able to give the baby a name?

Not only will you be given the opportunity to name the baby, but you will be encouraged to provide a name for your baby.   Usually, the adoptive parents will select their own name for the baby, but this will not occur until the final hearing on the adoption.

What information will I be able to receive about the baby as he or she grows?

In most cases the adoptive parents will agree to provide pictures and letter updates to inform you as to how the child is growing and developing.  These will be provided according to an agreed upon schedule. A Chosen Child participates in Child Connect which is a private internet based communication program. On Child Connect you will be able to access photo albums, videos and receive mail from your adoptive family. You will be able to view what the family sends to you as well as upload pictures, videos and letters to send back to the adoptive family. All information is kept confidential and everything sent in either direction will first be approved by the agency before being posted. A Chosen Child also has a private computer area set up with printing capabilities to ensure that if you do not have access to a computer and/or internet, you will still be able to come to the agency and view them during business hours.

When my child is old enough and wants to find me, will the agency contact me?

Florida has established an Adoption Reunion Registry that allows adopted children, when they reach adulthood, to be able to locate their biological family members.  You will be given information on how to sign up in the Adoption Reunion Registry, and A Chosen Child, Inc. can assist you in keeping your address current.  If you do not wish to be located or contacted, you are not required to register with the Adoption Reunion Registry.

Do I need to have a lawyer?

You have the right to consult with a lawyer at any point that you feel it would be helpful for you, however, it is not necessary for you to have a lawyer in order to complete your adoption plan. It is important for you to understand that the lawyer that represents the agency cannot provide legal advice or representation for you, but rather facilitates the adoption process on behalf of the agency.

What is a Safe Haven baby and does the agency participate in the placement of these babies?

A Chosen Child, Inc. is an authorized receiving agency for babies under seven days old that are left anonymously at a hospital, fire station, or emergency medical services station.  These babies are known as “Safe Haven Babies” and will be placed for adoption by the agency if the biological parents do not come forward to reclaim the child within the time frames outlined in the Florida Statute.

I’ve read everything and would really like to get the process started.  Where do I begin?

You can make contact with one of A Chosen Child, Inc.’s Birth Parent Coordinators by calling the main office number during normal business hours 407-894-1599 or 800-339-3821.  You may also call the after hours number on nights/weekends/holidays at 321-945-9069 or you can email us and one of our Birth Parent Coordinators will contact you.

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