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A Chosen Child, Inc. began in 2000 and has since placed over 500 infants and young children for adoption in Florida and throughout the United States. Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, and founded on Christian principles, A Chosen Child,  is a Central Florida private non-profit adoption agency providing safe and loving homes for babies and older children, including sibling groups. A Chosen Child, brings together birth parents and families who are interested in adopting children through our domestic adoption programs, including open adoption, semi-open adoptions and closed adoptions. For more information on these different programs please contact us HERE. For the protection of the child and the birth parents, A Chosen Child, thoroughly screens adoptive parents before accepting them into any of our adoption programs.

A Chosen Child, also works with birth parents and adoptive parents that live outside of the state of Florida. We have extensive experience and our staff is fully trained in interstate adoptions and adoptions from the state child welfare system.

A Chosen Child, provides a full range of services to our birth parents and adoptive families.  What sets us apart from other adoption agencies is our compassionate and loving staff. Adopting a child is an emotional journey for all parties involved and we are committed to making this a comfortable and life-affirming experience.

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